Using Arbitration to Resolve Business Disputes

Using Arbitration to Resolve Business Disputes

Using Arbitration to Resolve Business Disputes

Sometimes, a legal conflict arises regarding your business that you cannot resolve by simply talking to the other party. Whether the dispute involves a breach of contract, a shareholder or partner disagreement, or an employment complaint, it may need to be escalated and one party may need to take legal action to resolve the matter. The litigation process can be complicated and costly for all parties involved but, fortunately, not all disputes have to go to court. To discuss how you can resolve your business-related conflict, contact a business lawyer in Houston as soon as possible.

There are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods that help parties avoid litigation, and these include mediation and arbitration. Arbitration is common among businesses, and it requires each party to present its arguments to an arbitrator (or a panel of three arbitrators). The arbitrators then make the decision how to resolve the matter, which is binding on the parties. While this may seem similar to a trial in court, the arbitration process is generally much faster and costs significantly less than going through litigation and trial.

When Should You Arbitrate?

If your dispute stems from a contract, you should first review the terms of the agreement. Often, contracts will have a dispute resolution provision that requires the parties to arbitrate a contract-related dispute. In this case, if the contract is valid, it will be necessary to head to arbitration.

Business owners should consider the benefits of arbitration even when you are not required to do so. You should discuss with an experienced Houston business attorney whether arbitration might be an appropriate and cost-effective solution in your situation.

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