Naming Your Company: Tips for Entrepreneurs

Naming Your Company: Tips for Entrepreneurs

Naming Your Company: Tips for Entrepreneurs

While it is important to choose the right business entity for your startup and ensure you are in compliance with all relevant laws, it is also just as important to select the right name for your enterprise. The wrong name may not get noticed or, worse, may even unintentionally offend people. You also want to avoid any intellectual property issues with existing companies. The following are only a few tips for naming your new company:

  • Conduct searches for the same name with your state’s Secretary of State, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and the internet
  • Avoid names that are difficult to pronounce or spell
  • Do not choose a name that limits your company to only one product or service, as you might want to expand your offerings when possible
  • Make sure you can get a related .com domain name
  • Ask others if they think the name is catchy and represents your business well
  • Make sure that you like the name, as you will be using it a lot!

Choosing the wrong name may have legal implications, and it also may hinder your chances of success. Discuss the legal implications of a company name with an experienced business lawyer in Houston.

Fun Facts about Business Names

The following is some information about good and bad company name choices:

  • Jeff Bezos ditched the company name Cadabra for Amazon, partly because it would be easier to spell and higher up in alphabetical listings
  • There is a chicken-themed restaurant in Oklahoma named Sam and Ella’s, which may deter customers out of fear of food poisoning
  • Coca-Cola got its name from two main ingredients – cocaine and kola fruits

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