Legal Issues for Restaurant Operators

Legal Issues for Restaurant Operators

Legal Issues for Restaurant Operators

Houston has a great food and entertainment scene, with new restaurants, bars, and cafes opening on a regular basis. The hospitality business can be lucrative, and you may have long dreamed of opening your own place. There are many legal considerations for prospective or new restaurant owners, so you should consult with a knowledgeable Houston business lawyer  for help ensuring a successful opening.

Health and Safety

Healthy and safety standards are imperative when it comes to any establishment serving food and beverages. You must comply with all regulations and pass health inspections to begin operations.

Licenses and Permits

Many local and state laws require a variety of licenses and permits, which may include a general business license, an alcohol beverage license, a food service establishment permit, a food safety permit, and more. Obtaining some of these can be complicated, especially liquor licenses.

Pay Issues

There are often different – and confusing – pay requirements for tipped employees. You should be aware of your options for compensation and ensure you comply with all wage and labor laws.

Other Possible Concerns

Some other common legal issues when starting a business include:

  • Getting the right types of insurance
  • Zoning and land use considerations
  • Leasing or purchasing a commercial property
  • Business formation or franchising
  • Registering a trademark for your restaurant name and brand

Restaurants and bars can be successful enterprises for business owners, though things can quickly go wrong if you are not in full compliance with the law from the start.

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