Do You Have an Idea for a New Business in 2020?

Do You Have an Idea for a New Business in 2020?

Do You Have an Idea for a New Business in 2020?

More and more people are leaving traditional corporate paths to start their own enterprises. Not only does starting your own business allow you more freedom and flexibility in many situations, but it can also be highly rewarding – both mentally and financially. Whether you want to open a food truck, conduct lead generation from your home, get into the solar power market, or launch a new product, it is important to start your company the right way in 2020 to maximize your chances of success.  Having an experienced startup lawyer on your side can make all the difference.

Choose the right name – Selecting a business name is much more than choosing a word or words that you like. First, you want to make sure no one else has the same business name, so you are not infringing on any trademark protections. You also want to check whether an appropriate URL is available, and you might want to conduct research regarding the attractiveness of the name to consumers.

Select an entity – You can always launch a business as a sole proprietorship or general partnership without registering a formal business entity with the State of Texas. However, there are many benefits to forming a limited liability company (LLC) or another type of formal entity.

Identify compliance issues – Different laws and regulations apply to different business types. It is critical to identify all laws with which you must comply and take the necessary steps to do so. This can range from zoning regulations to health and safety to employment law, and more.

Contact a Business and Startup Lawyer in Houston for Guidance

Attorney Tim Sutherland helps many clients evaluate their business ideas and take the necessary steps to launch an enterprise. If one of your resolutions for 2020 is to start your own company, do not want to call 713.300.1946 or contact us online to speak with a Houston business attorney.