Complications of Businesses Reopening in Houston

Complications of Businesses Reopening in Houston

Complications of Businesses Reopening in Houston

The State of Texas relaxed its public health and safety orders regarding business closures in recent weeks, and more and more Houston businesses are being allowed to reopen. However, they are not permitted to open without adhering to several restrictions intended to keep both employees and customers safe from exposure to the coronavirus. These restrictions might result in complications for businesses, though noncompliance might result in penalties and other consequences for owners.

Many restrictions revolve around social distancing measures, which might limit the number of employees you can have working at one time. This might require you to scale back operations, especially with new tasks for employees involving regular disinfecting of the premises. However, social distancing also means fewer customers can enter at once, and many people in Houston said they will remain home despite opening businesses out of precaution. How will your operating costs – even with a limited workforce – compare to the revenue you are able to bring in?

Many small businesses lost significant revenue during the shutdown, as lost earnings can add up quickly over the course of a few weeks. Owners should make sure to file business interruption claims if applicable, though many policies do not cover viruses as a qualified “interruption.” Have a lawyer review your policy and advise you on your possible options to recover from losses.

Finally, some companies will have unfulfilled contracts and contractual obligations due to the shutdown, which can lead to legal disputes. You do not want to face unnecessary losses or liability in this already challenging time, so seek out the right legal representation for your situation.

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