Common Issues in Business Litigation

Common Issues in Business Litigation

Common Issues in Business Litigation

In many situations, a legal dispute involving a business cannot be resolved through private negotiation or mediation. In these cases, the matter might need to be escalated to litigation. One party might decide to pursue a lawsuit in civil court, seeking compensation or other legal relief for their losses. No matter what the underlying issue might be, business litigation is always complicated, and you want to have a business litigation lawyer from Houston handling your case. The following are some common issues that can lead to business litigation.

Breach of contract – Businesses enter into numerous contracts on a regular basis, and each contract has its own terms, parties, and remedies for disputes. When one party to a contract accuses another party of breaching one or more provisions of the agreement, it could lead to a lawsuit.

Employment complaints – Employees often have issues with their employers, and they might take legal action regarding alleged discrimination, harassment, or labor law violations.

Owner disputes – Companies with multiple owners will face disagreements between owners at some point. Every business should have an operating agreement in place that aims to help resolve disputes, though sometimes, a conflict will make it into court. This is common in cases involving fraud by an owner or seeking to oust an owner.

Commercial real estate – Many businesses purchase or lease commercial space for their operations. Real estate transactions and contracts always create the opportunity for disputes to arise, and these can lead to litigation.

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