Common Contracts Used by Restaurants

Common Contracts Used by Restaurants

Common Contracts Used by Restaurants

Every business uses a wide variety of contracts. However, restaurants are a specialized type of business and, therefore, they use specific contracts tailored to this kind of enterprise. While each restaurant is different, the following are some examples of contracts that are commonly used by companies in the food, beverage, and hospitality business.

Equipment Leases

Most restaurants require major pieces of costly equipment, including state-of-the-art commercial freezers and refrigerators, convection ovens, industrial dishwashers, and more. Often, owners might not have the liquid capital to purchase this equipment outright, so they might enter into lease agreements for different pieces of equipment.

Food and Supplies Vendors

A restaurant cannot serve patrons without having plenty of food and beverages on a daily basis, and they want the food to be fresh. Food brokers often reach deals with restaurant owners to provide the bulk of the operation’s food if possible. In addition, restaurants need a constant stream of supplies, including plastic-ware, paper goods, computers, and more. Each supplier will want to have a contract with the restaurant.

Franchise Agreements

Restaurants are some of the most frequently franchised out companies. Whether you are the franchisor or franchisee, the contract at the heart of the arrangement is key for both parties. Franchisors want to ensure that they protect the integrity of their brand, while franchisees want to ensure they have the support needed from the franchisee, in addition to many additional terms of the agreement.

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