Common Compliance Concerns for Business Owners

Common Compliance Concerns for Business Owners

Common Compliance Concerns for Business Owners

Business owners might think they only need to call an attorney when a legal dispute arises. However, there are many, many laws and regulations with which company owners must comply to prevent civil liability or even having their business shut down. The following are some common compliance concerns with which our business law firm can help.

Employment laws – If you have even one employee, it is necessary to comply with all relevant employment laws. These laws address minimum wage, overtime, breaks and meal times, anti-discrimination and harassment, workers’ compensation insurance, and more. As your business grows, you may have to consider family and medical leave and additional laws.

Permits – If you are a new company, did you obtain all the necessary permits to lawfully operate your business, and for established owners, are your permits up to date? Permits can address land use and zoning, environmental compliance, fire and health codes, signage, and local and state operating licenses.

Industry-related regulations – Depending on what type of business you run, you may have unique regulations and standards to follow. These can apply to food service, construction, manufacturing, child care, and many additional industries.

Taxes – Taxes can be complicated for any business owner, and the way you report income and file will depend on the type of business entity you formed or whether you operate as a partnership or sole proprietor. Mistakes involving employment taxes or filing tax returns can be costly and can put your business in jeopardy.

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