Business Law FAQ

Business Law FAQ

Business Law FAQ

While every company will face legal issues at some point, it can be difficult to know when to call a business attorney. The following are some of the more common questions company owners ask, but to discuss your particular questions and concerns, you should never hesitate to directly contact a business lawyer in Houston.

What types of companies do you assist?

While every law firm is different, attorney Tim Sutherland helps companies of all types and sizes. Whether you are a brand new startup or an established business in your market, you can always benefit from trusted legal assistance. Sutherland also helps businesses facing particularly complex compliance issues, including the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industries.

What legal issues does a business lawyer handle?

The right business attorney should be able to assist with any business-related legal matter. This can include:

  • Transactional issues, such as contract drafting
  • Business estate planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial real estate deals
  • Business litigation

Companies will have a wide variety of legal issues during the course of operations, and it is always preferable to have an attorney who understands the ins and outs of your business and can address issues as they arise to help you achieve your long-term goals.

How can a lawyer help resolve a business dispute?

When someone fails to abide by a contract, or owners or shareholders disagree with one another, a dispute can quickly arise. In some cases, an attorney can help you resolve the matter through negotiation and contract interpretation. Other disputes, however, require formal dispute resolution methods or even litigation. An experienced litigator can help to resolve each matter as efficiently as possible, limiting losses and liability for your company as much as possible.

Contact a Business Lawyer in Houston for More Information

Whether you are starting a company, winding up, or anywhere in between, Houston business attorney Tim Sutherland can assist you. Call 713.300.1946 or contact us online to learn more today.